Important to read for all contributors

Risk about the project

It is important to understand that 4BIZ is not an offer for investment. It is a community project. When you provide yield to Bizswap contract you are rewarded with the 4BIZ governance token which lets users partake in the governance process and in the future, if the community decides.

You should not buy BIZ/4BIZ if you are not an active participant in the ecosystem

Please do not buy or use BIZ/4BIZ if:

  • You do not understand all the associated fees on deposits, withdrawals and other transactions.

  • You are buying BIZ/4BIZ as a speculation asset.

  • You think BIZ/4BIZ can only go up.

  • If you are using money you cannot afford to lose.

  • You are concerned about short term price.

  • You are unfamiliar with Impermanent Losses.

  • You are not interested in the long term of the project.

  • You are unable to directly interact with a contract via Etherscan.

  • If you do not actively keep up with projects when you hold their token.

  • You do not want to vote on governance.

  • You have a low risk tolerance.

4BIZ may represent gains for farmers and participants within the ecosystem, but it is important to remember that there is significant risk and dilution for yield farming projects short-term that may hurt buyers.

Like all DeFi startups, Biz has a risk that it may not be successful or may drop in price.

If you do not understand this, then please do not use Biz and all the related services.